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POPS ..... Out of her cocoon
   MANILA, June 24 (Sunstar) -- Since the separation, Pops
   Fernandez has projected a very strong persona. She has come     
   out of her cocoon, so to speak, and her artistry has become
   more  pronounced - as a recording artist, as a concert perfor-
  mer  and as an actress.

   She's mounting her biggest concert ever, "Shindig," at the
   Ultra on July 1, with guests Keempee De Leon, Franco Laurel
   and  Carlos Agassi.

  Her first in three years, more so, her first after the
   separation, Pops' moves and grooves are surely a statement
   of the new  Pops: a more focused and more creative artist.
   "Shindig" is the only local concert which boasts a song
    written and produced an MTV, "What You See Is What You
    Get"   specially for the event.
   Though Pops avoided several intriguing questions fielded for
   this one-on-one interview, she nevertheless answered those
   she felt  relevant with all her heart.

   SNS: Whose idea is "Shindig?"
   PF: Mine.

  SNS: Why mount a grand concert at this point of your career?
  PF: Why not? I do concerts anyway, the past two years nga
  lang,  my concerts were in the States and other parts of Asia
 and the provinces. I have been going around.

 SNS: The pictorials, the moves, the grooves-is this a
 statement of the new Pops?
PF: It's still the same Pops. It's just a more focused and
creative artist.

SNS: Is your coming out of your cocoon, so to speak, a
calculated move?
PF: I think so.

SNS: After "Linlang," do moviegoers expect more projects
which will be more competitive?
PF: Usually, when I do projects, whether concerts, shows or
movies, I try to better myself, in terms of a better movie or a
better  role. I think the next movie will be just that.

SNS: When do you think an acting award will come?
PF: I don't think about awards. I'd rather be happy with my

SNS: Is "who's the real concert queen, Pops or Regine?" an
issue that you should face?
PF: No. I only compete with myself and no one else.

SNS: What legacy do you want to leave to your audience, to
your children, to  the industry? And how would that be?
PF: My audience- how I manage to come out with something
different all the time whether fashion, looks, performance.   
How I  have been able to go to other branches of my craft!  
From singing, to acting, to hosting, to writing and more.
There is so much heart that I put into everything I do. I try to    
put meaning in everything so the efforts won't be in vain. My
children-how cool,  understanding and strong mom was.
That no matter  what she had to  do, she still remained the  mom she should be.  
She taught us how to live life with  so much maturity, responsibility and love. (SNS)